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Successful Brands Of The Future Care About People, Not Branding


-Thierry Brunfaut

Why Us

M³’s Macro Approach to Talent Strategy & Solutions


Our world is increasingly interconnected. As proud Generalists, we can see the big picture and think out-of-the-box to deliver talent solutions that benefit the business as a whole.  Our macro-view approach allows us to spot and seize upon emerging opportunities that impact all industries, such as certain technological trends (automation, AI, etc).


’s distinct ability to identify and leverage macro trends and market transitions help us find you talent that not only understand the long-term directional shifts that effect industries on a global scale, but that are catalysts for these shifts. 


Delivering candidates who demonstrate their long-term value, not just fit an immediate need, means that your leadership, culture and profitability are more positively impacted in material ways.


Our deeper understanding and ability to combine insights from multiple inputs is where M³’s talent innovation strategy succeeds where others do not.  We don’t want you to lose time and money on having to rehire, re-train, re-orient and re-fit people because of a short-term, myopic view. Let M³  guide your talent strategy now, so you can realize value now AND later.

MACRO Approach

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