I have been suffering from constant back pain for 10 years. MRI’s revealed I have an aggressive form of degenerative disc disease a condition in which my spinal discs have largely deteriorated from my neck all the way down to my lumbar region. I am not sure how I got it or why but what I do know is that living with constant pain will change aperson for the worst. Inertia, depression, and ultimately desperation for some sort of relief have driven me to try just about everything I could get my hands on. For the last 5 years I have been on a prescribed cocktail of painkillers and anti-inflammatories that one would not even dream of taking in their late 30s. I tried every legal Eastern and Western treatment under the sun but to no avail. In 2016, after launching my own company, I was fortunate enough to sign on my first client, Americord Registry, the leader in umbilical cord blood, cord tissue and placenta stem cell banking.


As I would with any new client, I diligently went to work researching this bourgeoning industry and was fascinated with what I found. These cells have the capability of regenerating any human tissue damaged by injury or genetic predisposition. I followed the controversy surrounding stem cells over the years but never really took a closer look. I immediately regretted not banking my umbilical cord blood when I gave birth to my son but I was not going to give up hope that easily.


Among other treatments, I was seeing a Healer, an amazing force with shamanistic roots who would proceed to unlock the answer to treating my physical pain. Session after session I saw that my physical state was nagging at her.  She would go on to tell me that she could not stand to see someone going through what I was enduring day after day. She mentioned she knew someone who had recently gone to Mexico for Embryonic Stem Cell treatment, the purest and most powerful stem cells there are but you cannot get them in the US. Clearly, my first thought was are they safe and if so why can I not get them in the US? I went home and ravaged the internet looking for answers.


Apparently this practice has been stonewalled by religious interest groups and big Pharma. Embryonic stem cells are cultivated in vitro but the process of obtaining stem cells leads to the destruction of the embryo from which the cells are taken. Certain religious groups maintain that human life begins at conception and therefore embryo destruction is unethical and immoral. Personally I do not subscribe to that. I continued my quest interviewing patients of this Doctor and the stories they told me almost seemed too good to be true.


I had to go see if for myself. I am writing this from my hotel room in Mexico, I am on Day 7 of embryonic stem cell treatment. I am going to reserve judgment on my particular experience until it is complete and I can start seeing the full effects, which will take 8-10 weeks but my experience thus far has been nothing short of transcendental.


I walked into the clinic on Day 1, it smelled of fertile earth, a scent I had not really smelled before so intensely. I did my blood test on Day 1 and was taken through the results in great detail. In NY you are more often than not hurried out of the Dr.’s offices so they can squeeze in as many patients as possible. Not here…even though patients were arriving by the bus-load from around the world to pursue their last bastion of hope. It was like witnessing a pilgrimage to Lourdes. ALS, MS, Tetraplegia, Stroke, Cancer and Diabetes were just some of the afflictions tormenting the patients, who were arriving in droves.


What was perhaps even more compelling than the stories of the patients entering, were the stories of those exiting. Virtually unsolicited, patients wanted to share their stories and of those who lost their ability to speak due to a stroke and after intensive embryonic treatment were able to speak again. Cancer patients who went into remission, ALS sufferers who regained movement in their limbs, blind victims of Diabetes who were able, once again to see. It was perfectly clear this treatment was offering the people physiological atonement; salvation on the most cellular level.


Like I said, I plan on following up in a subsequent article about my personal reaction to the treatment, it is too soon to tell but I can tell you that after getting 20 billion embryonic cells for 7 days I have now woken up pain free two mornings in a row, which is a good start. I suppose the main point of this article it to beg the question how can the same religious groups who praise Jesus for healing the sick protest the use of stem cells that are clearly doing the same and offering people a second chance for patients who were resigned to suffering and even dying because their bodies had betrayed them.


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